B N Khot International Public School Anagawadi offers excellent hostel facilities for outstation students. Boys & girls from class IV onwards be admitted as boarders in separate hostels, within the school campus.

Some of the facilities include:

• Well Furnished Rooms – Students are provided accommodation is rooms furnished with individual beds with mattresses, study table, chair and wardrobe.

• Washrooms / Toilets – Each floor has 4 toilets & bathrooms.

• Dining Facilities – Boarders are served in a Dining Hall, in a clean and hygienic environment. Each student is provided nutritious diet in the form of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Purified cold and warm water (during winters) is provided to the students.

• Hygienic Kitchen – Meals are cooked under strict supervision in the most hygienic way. The menu is well planned, and special meals are provided on festival days.

• Medical Facility – The infirmary is run and managed under the guidance of qualified nurse. We also have tie-ups with few prominent hospitals of the city.

• Security – To ensure safety and security of the students, Security Guards are employed 24×7 and further boosted by CCTV cameras. in the hostel. Proper procedure is followed for issuing of Out-Passes and allowing visitors to the hostel.

• Wardens – Each dormitory is looked after by wardens and support staff.

• Gymnasium – A modern gymnasium is available for the Boarders.

• Sports & Recreation – There is excellent sports facilities for outdoor games like Football (floodlit ground with special turf), Cricket and indoor activities like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Pool and more. Morning Yoga under expert supervision is an invigorating experience.

• Entertainment & Outings – A break over the weekend is welcome. We arrange screening of popular movies and projection of important sport events on the big screen in the campus amphitheatre. Once a month an outing is organised for the hostel students under the supervision of the Wardens.

• Angel Teachers – Apart from imparting knowledge teachers also fit into the role of facilitator, mentor and a disciplinarian. Keeping this thought in mind the school has started the concept of Angel Teacher for the hostel boarders. These teachers meet students regularly to delve into their daily ways and take care of their cognitive growth.

• Power Back Up – 24×7 Generator facility

• No Ragging – Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Punishment for Participation in/or Abetment of Ragging will lead to cancellation of admission. Hostel is not a right of a student rather it is a privilege given to a student.


• Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the boarders, without the permission of the Hostel Incharge . They will be allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school hours, parents/guardians are not allowed to visit their wards.

• Due to security reasons, only parents/ guardians whose photographs are kept in the authorized register at the hostel are permitted to visit the students and take them on long weekends. Therefore parents are requested to hand over their photographs , details with them and the authorised guardians phone numbers to the school office.

• If during the course of a session a student needs to go home, he/she must obtain permission from the Principal in the form of a Leave Request and provide a written request sent by the concerned parents to the administration, giving the valid reason. Parents can Contact school office In this regard, the school’s leave policy will be observed. Local Parents can take their wards on weekends ( Friday after school hours) and send them back on Sunday evening. Avoid taking them on all the weekends. They can find difficulty in adjusting in the hostel and will miss the tuition / remedial classes.

• No permissions will be granted to any student living in hostel for spending night out on weekends unless the parent themselves are available in the town and the student is staying with them.

• Parents are advised not to contact the students during mandatory study hours.

• Any application for attending marriages, functions or any other events during the school term will not be entertained, unless it pertains to the parent’s or siblings. Written permission in this regard must be obtained in time. No messages over the telephone and whatsapp will be accepted in this regard.

• Parents should not supply medicines to the students, unless, specially advised by the family doctor. These must be handed over to the house sister/brother along with instruction/prescription regarding its administration. Such medicines are to be administered entirely at the cost and responsibility of the parents.

• The parents are advised to meet their wards on second Saturdays of the month. In case of emergency, the parents or guardian may be allowed to meet with the prior written permission of the Principal. Parent’s visits on other days will not be allowed.

• Children will not be allowed to go with the drivers unless proper authority letter with photograph attested by the Principal is carried by him.

• On school holidays (Summer Vacation , October vacation) students are not allowed to remain in the hostel . Parents have to get the tickets done keeping the timings of the school in mind. No students will be allowed to leave early

• Parents desiring to send any item to their ward should either deliver the same to the Warden or his/her nominee personally. Nothing should be delivered to the boarder directly.

• We have infirmary with a trained nurse and tie up with near by hospitals during emergency but however if a doctor has been called in the hostel and various tests have been advised by the Doctor then the expenses incurred will have to be borne by the parents.

• 13. Parents are requested not to confirm leave from students over phone. Parents should confirm over phone with warden then only plan to come to take the child.


• Students are allowed to talk to the parents from warden’s phone on fix days. No students are allowed to carry the mobile phone.

• Students will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school unless exempted on medical ground or recommendation of the hostel warden

• NO student will be allowed to enter the hostel during school hours with out outpass from school pass should submit at hostel office before entering in to hostel room

• Students will not allowed to keep more than Rs. 250/- or any valuables in their possession.

• All students will be personally responsible for the safety of their belongings (specially girls should not carry the gold ornaments).

• Students must turn off all the electrical equipment & lights before leaving their rooms.

• Students are not allowed to use electric stoves, heaters etc in rooms except in designated places.

• Any manner of festivities and noise making\celebrations will not be entertained, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises.

• Students are required to be conscious of the environment in which they live by keeping it clean, healthy and Presentable. Students should not throw litter discriminatory and should not use carry bags.

• They are not allowed to wear any kind of studs or rings on the eye brows, chin, ears, nose etc.

• The students will always carry their hostel Identity cards when moving out of the Campus, so that in case of an emergency/accident the institute can be contacted and informed. The student’s not carrying Identity card with him/her will be reported to the Warden for action.

• All students must report on th given date after any vacation, failing which they will be fined Rs. 500/- per day or their admission will be cancelled. In case of any emergency reason the Principal will take action accordingly.

• Mess is compulsory for the hostellers, outside tiffin is strictly prohibited.

• Strict silence shall be observed in hostel from 12.00 midnight to 6.00 am. Care shall be taken at all times to ensure that music/loud talking is NOT audible outside the room.

• .No wet clothes should be dried on the furniture or in corridors/ balconies. The warden may confiscate any such clothes hung for drying in the balconies. No student shall store any cooked food in the room.

• The student shall treat the staff and housekeeping staff of the Hostel with due courtesy at all times. Service of the housekeeping staff shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind should be given to the staff of the Hostel.

• In addition to penalties, punishment and fine provided in these Rules, Disciplinary action as per institute shall be taken against student violating these Hostel Rules and Regulations.

• If any common property is lost/damaged/disfigured, the loss will be recovered from the students, in equal share, who are responsible for the damage or loss or in general use of that property. In case the damage/loss cannot be pinpointed to student(s), then collective fine to recover the loss will be levied by the Campus Administrator.



• Mess menu will be designed by the hostel management committee normally on term basis, in consultation with mess manager and approval of the Principal. The menu shall be displayed in the dining hall of the hostel.

• The students should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings. Late food/breakfast will be served only in exceptional cases, with prior consent of the mess manager.

• On request from sick students, separate food will be prepared in mess and will be served in his/her room, if so required.

• Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.

• Mess is operated with limited staff and during peak hours, it is observed that it becomes difficult to cater to the demands of all the students dining at a time. The students should, therefore, wait patiently for their turn to be served. Mess manager will take care to serve the students effectively during peak hours.

• Boarders are not allowed to take the mess utensils out of the dining hall, failing which a fine of Rs.250 will be imposed. However in case of emergency, boarders may allowed to take utensils but the boarder or her roommates are are also liable to pay the same fine, if utensils are not returned immediately.

• Boarders shall refrain from entering the dining hall without being appropriately dressed. They should tie their hair properly for entering into the dining hall.

• Guest of a boarder or other guest may be allowed to take meal in the mess by payment of a charge determined from time to time by the Mess Committee. The mess manager should be informed of the matter at least five hours earlier.

• Suggestions/complaints can be communicated to student food committee Incharges/ House Mothers/ Asstt. House Mothers/ Chief Warden.

• Mess timing must be strictly followed by the boarders